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For The Discussion Of Anime & Manga
This community is meant for the discussion of various anime/manga series; anime/manga releases, comparisons between anime and manga, story, art, recommendations, themes, dub/sub comparisions, etc. You may do so here as long as it is within the topic and rules of the community. You may also write reviews of anime if you so desire. Furthermore, please keep an open mind. Everyone has their own opinion, it may happen that someone disagrees with you.

Please do read the rules of this community before joining.

After reading the rules, you may introduce yourself in a post if you so desire.


1) On The Matter of Fangirling/boying
Alright, so the reason I created this community is to actually have a discussion forum that discludes fangirly/boy behaviour such as, "OMGZZ GUIS I TOTALLY LUV LULU AND SUZU. BUTTSECKS NOW. JAJAJAA HEHEHEHE~ ^___________________^". This IS NOT a community meant for fangirling/boying. Yes, we are all fans of anime/manga but please keep it down a notch. All cap posts about how much you love (insert obsession here) can be irritating to some. Please refrain from doing it in this community.

2) On The Matter of Icons/Fan Fiction/Art/RPing
So, almost every anime community is about one of these things but this IS NOT a community for you to post icons, fan fiction/art, or any of your roleplaying. There are already a ton of communities meant for such things.

3) On The Matter of Spoilers
You MUST put all spoilers under a cut. This is an important rule. None of us want a series to be spoiled for us. If you do it, you're an ass. This is a rule that definitely results in an immediate deletion of your post.

4) On The Matter of Advertising
It is ABSOLUTELY NOT allowed for you to advertise another community or your RP in this community. If you would like to advertise a community that coincides with this community than you may private message me of your request and I will decide whether or not to allow it but, as the moderator, I will be the one to post about the community you are interested in advertising. If not, immediate deletion of your post.

5) On The Matter of Slash Pairings
This IS NOT a community for you to discuss or fangirl/boy about slash pairings. You may, however, discuss the relationships between characters and its importance to the story of the anime but this is not a community for you to talk about nonexistent relationships between characters to satisy yourself. Your discussion of character relationships doesn't necessarily have to be "romantic".

7) On The Matter of Post Formatting
DO NOT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD FORMAT YOUR POSTS. No one wants to see entries written in tiny font, unreadable handwritten font, annoying font colours, etc. You may ONLY use italics, bolds, and underlines but just don't format your post. Just don't. Formatting a post will result in a warning. Do not comply and your post will be deleted.

8) On The Matter of...
*No drama. This is not a community for you to create drama between members.
*No disabling comments of entries.
*Do not advertise merchandise that you want to sell on this community. We are discussing anime not auctioning our stuff off. There are dozens of communities of which you can do this on.
*NO SHOTACONS OR LOLICONS as it is disgusting and I will not allow it.

Breaking of rules will result in either a warning or ban (if you are a repeat offender). Just don't break them and everything will be fine. :3


An official community discussion topic is when the moderator decides upon a general topic related to anime/manga for the community to discuss. Below, you will find a list of links to the discussion topics thus far.

*Official Community Discussion Topic 2: HAS ANIME INFLUENCED YOU?
*Official Community Discussion Topic 1: ANIME MOVIES


jrpgs_and_wrpgs -This is a community moderated by my boyfriend; it is basicly the same concept as this community, except with RPGs instead of anime/manga.

Hope you all have fun and enjoy the community,
<3Iesha; aesthesises
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