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Blood+ Review

I've been meaning to write this Blood+ review for a while.


Blood+ takes vampire folklore and twists it into something unique and well suited to the series. Although, it may seem as if it would be a boring plot where a girl travels around hunting down vicious monsters this series is very far from being boring. From the first episode it stays true to the plot and remains consistent until the very end.

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Well, I've been ignoring LJ a lot lately, and checking this it seems to be picking up, so I figured I'd contribute.

Recently, I've been watching Potemayo.
I am in love with it, even though it makes quite little sense.
Basic story is that this boy, Sunao, how comes to find a girl/creature thing named Potemayo in his fridge that immediately becomes attached to him, and essentially the antics that they get into at their home or at school, or sometimes in places like a grocery store, etc.
It's all based on a 4 panel manga, though I haven't read that to judge how true they are to the style or anything.
It's a short series, only 12 episodes and a couple specials, so you could easily watch it all in one day if you've got the free time.

Anyone else watch this, if so, what'd you think?
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Black Lagoon

The community seemed to die down a bit, I'm hoping I can spark a bit of life in here again.


Currently, my boyfriend and I are watching Black Lagoon. We've been watching the dub which is terrible. They try to fit in these fake accents that sound wretched, for example, the last episode we watched had this Chinese woman in it and she had an accent. It sounded like someone who couldn't speak Chinese attempting to mock their accent. It's pretty terrible. Other than that Black Lagoon is an anime that you could just watch without investing much thought into it. Lots of action, and lack of story. We're on episode 13 currently. I'm wondering if they'll have a Cowboy Bebop sort of thing where a bunch of episodes are just filler and then they add in a little intense plot to complete the series.

If any of you have watched Black Lagoon, what do you think of it?
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Official Community Discussion Topic: Has Anime Influenced You?

Many of us have been watching anime for a very long time. Even if you have not, sometimes, the interest in it develops. Has anime inspired you at some point in your life? Whether it be your hobbies or a career path you have chosen, did your interest in anime play a part in this?

For me, I started drawing because I was always interested in the design of anime characters and how they drew them. Since I was a little girl I would buy "How to Draw Manga" books and would practice my drawing every day. I even wanted to seek a career in animation (although, that soon dissipated once I got older but for a very long time that was what I wanted to do). When I was younger, anime would even influence my fashion style. It played a large part in my life at a young age but I soon grew out of it. The interest is still there, I still enjoy watching anime/reading manga, and my preferred art style is that of a manga but everything I do is not of the intention of being related to anime (after all, that would be unhealthy). If it has, how has anime affected you?
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Official Community Discussion Topic: Anime Movies

I'm happy to see that the community is starting to spark in life. It is good to see some activity and discussion going on.

I thought I might start up some official community discussion topics whereas we all discuss a general topic of something related to anime/manga (well, obviously, haha).


I find that some people don't enjoy stand alone anime movies (Ghost In The Shell, Metropolis, Appleseed, etc.) because the length of the movie isn't enough to really get you into the story or characters, although, it may possess a good idea for a series (this does not include anime movies that are part of an anime series itself; Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz, End of Evangelion, Cowboy Bebop: The Movie, etc.).

What is your opinion about stand alone anime movies? Do you enjoy them or dislike them? Do you think that the regular two hour movie time isn't enough to convey enough substance of story and characters? Or do you think that stand alone anime movies don't offer you enough to truly get into the atmosphere of it? What do you think are good examples of stand alone anime movies?


Hey I'm new to this community and I was hoping somebody might have some anime recs for me, I haven't seen anything new lately and I'd like to watch some. I like anything with vampires and almost anything dark and fantasy oriented, also something kind of like Ergo Proxy would be good too.
Any help would be great thanks


Everyone else (lawl, like two people) is doing one of these, so I will too.

So, I'm a 20-something year old currently living in Houston (Canadian, though, all the way through)and going to school full-time. I like anime(duh), manga(duh), video games (mostly Playstation), swimming, THE OLYMPICS OMG, my car, baking, THE SIMS 2, and long list of other things I won't bore you with.

I'm more into manga than anime, but I like the latter too. Anime I've seen and remember/still like: Drunker than Hobo (Darker than Black), Revolutionary Girl Utena, Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, Serial Experiments Lain, Haibane Renmei, Code Geass, Evangelion, and others I either don't remember enough about to mention (chobits) or don't find worth mentioning (Digimon, Inuyasha). Manga I'm currently reading: Bleach, Full Metal Alchemist, Soul Eater, Tsubasa (as it's released by DelRay - NO SPOILERS D=), xxxHolic (same) , Gentlemen's Alliance, and Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei.  There's one, I know there's one more, but I can't remember at all, and it's driving me nuts. Oh, well, you're not reading this anyways, right (OH,OH, THE ONE I COULDN'T REMEMBER WAS X/1999)?  I've also read Fruits Basket, RGVeda, Cardcaptors, Full Moon o I-can-never-remember-but-it-starts-with-an-S, and some other here and there.

I'm kind of excited for this comm - one of the things that was disappointed about when I first joined LJ was the lack of actually conversation, outside of ZOMG CLOUD/JACOB/OTHERCHARACTER HERE'S MY FIC, ICONZ, AND MOAR.

(Holy shit, that was long xD)